How To Install Processing on Ubuntu

Now this one is more straightforward than Pd-extended. Just some easy steps. I perform this last night on My Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on a 64-bit platform.

1. Download the .tgz Processing for Linux file that available at
2. Download and install the Java Runtime for Ubuntu that can be searched using Synaptic. I use Java Runtime Environment 6.
3. Download and install libstdc++6 also using Synaptic. I’ve read here that using libstdc++5 is also possible.
4. Extract the Processing.tgz.
5. Run the file “Processing”.

That’s it. 5 easy steps. Apparently the Processing official site told that Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit and the 7.10 is the testing platforms on their lab. So I believe this steps would also applicable in 7.10. I’m not sure can this also be done in other versions of Ubuntu. But, you can try it.

As usual, pls comment if you find something’s wrong here.


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