Bali Redux


This is a short video art that I made, inspired heavily by my trip with some very good friends of mine to Bali that happened last year, just 2 months before I go to Sydney. In short, the trip was memorable, we did enjoy a lot of good times there. Therefore I decided to pay a tribute to that trip with this video.

During the making of the video I consciously influenced myself with works from the amazing Josh Graham, who is the visual artist for the influential metal band Neurosis. I examined his works before I making this video. I then took his minimalistic but graphically rich approach to create this peace. I decided that I had to come up with my own style and my own technique in order to conduct this video experiment.

I did this video entirely using Final Cut Pro using only footages from the aforementioned trip to Bali. I applied heaps of effects to each of the carefully selected footages. I couldn’t help but imagining myself playing with audio samples as if I’m working inside of a DAW and making music. In the end, this is the result of that experimentation.

To complete the piece I then created a music for this video in Ableton Live. Just like the video, this is also a short minimal piece with beat and repetitive motive. I was aiming for a moody but happy mood for this to give that positive vibe to the video. Also I was experimenting in in creating a same pattern for different scene, see how it would fit altogether.

The result, to be honest is quite fulfilling from my perspective. As if I can see the video as a living organism, breathing through the beats of the music and changing faces via the appearances of different footages. A well conducted experiment indeed.

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