This is an interactive art installation that my group, Fy, did for the last semester. This installation is entitled “Skin”. The group consisted of me, as the artist/programmer, Susanne Chan as the designer and Johnny Campos as the 3D artist. Here’s a video that briefly describes the installation.

The Concept
Skin, is a mixed media screen art interaction that incorporates a physical spatial installation. In the words of Juhani Pallasmaa, “As we look, the eye touches, and before we even see an object, we have already touched it and judged its weight, temperature and surface texture.” Skin, plays with the sense of touch and bring attention to the unconscious element of touch in vision and the hidden tactile experience that defines the sensuous qualities of the perceived.

The Experience
As the viewer interacts the screen, what can be seen and defined, is a skin-like surface layered to generate the movement of the viewer. The skin fluidly reveals edges and corners, blending the texture of plastic bag to form the temporal and continuity of the viewer’s presence. The interaction with the screen can be experienced as both mental and physical, it allows exploration of the hapticity of skin screen surface. The term, haptic relates to or based on the sense of touch. For this reason, the physical spatial installation was critical in activating all the senses within a new environment. The concept-encouraged viewers to touch with their eyes and sense with their being – brings the experience to life.

To create this intended user experience, we played around with the technologies introduced to us during the course of the semester. We managed to come up with a mix of motion sensing using Kinect and Processing and physical feedback through lights using Arduino and IR sensors.

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