Creating My Own Infographic CV

Let me start by saying I’ve always wanted to have an amazing good looking CV. I was preparing my CV a few months ago and being someone who’s in a transition from a pure engineer/programmer to a designer, this could be hard. I can’t really figure which part of my past experience should I emphasize on my CV. I don’t want to make a 4 pages of CV filled with experience of creating networks for telco client when I’m applying for a job as a UX designer. Then I reflected a bit and then I realized, “hey, I can actually make a CV that sells my technical skills in an engaging way that subtly tells my ability as a designer!” And that is by making an infographic CV. Worth to note that I still sell my technical programming skill, but this time I won’t let my design skill left unnoticed.

So, after some sketches and preparation, I finished designing my new looking CV using Photoshop. All my skills, experiences, awards in one nifty good looking (for me at least) page. Here you go.

I hope this post can give you inspiration to go and re create that traditional CV into something different. If you read this and say “hey this is good” and there’s a position in your company then by all means, contact me via the email address at the top right corner of this page. I’m looking for a job now 🙂


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