Evil Twin (A Kinect in Processing “Hello World”)

This is a work that I did several months ago. The brief was simple, to create an interactive art work that uses an input from Microsoft Kinect. This was my first experience using Kinect in Processing. What I made was something that aimed to questioning and blurring the barrier of what is real and what is not. As always, I’m really into this kind of reality and perception bending stuff.

I used Kinect to grab the depth image of someone who stands in front of the camera and then duplicate that person’s shape and give it colors that corresponds to how close he/she is to the camera. Thus creating a duplicated person, that further raise the question “who am I in front of the camera?”

This piece was made by modifying Daniel Shiffman’s awesome and essential OpenKinect library for Processing. So in the spirit of open source, I also make this code available to download here.

Hope this short description of work be of interest to anybody who wants to explore the possibilities of using Kinect in Processing. For me, this has been a nice “hello world” of what I can do with both tools. I can give a step by step explanation of the code if someone need it, but meanwhile I have the source code pretty much commented thoroughly. As usual, give comment if you need something more.


    1. oh ini juga gw udah pernah bikin sih, sekitar april tahun lalu hehe.. cuma nggak suka aja ama cara kerja kalibrasinya, nggak alamiah, jadi nggak gw taro di sini 🙂 cuma setelah gw coba2 lagi baru2 ini, seru juga, tapi ya itu, kalibrasinya nggak cocok buat instalasi di tempat publik 🙂

      tapi makaish yus udah ngeshare, jadi tahu banyak juga ternyata yg ngulik beginian. NICE! 😀


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