Website for Brandtable

Client: Brandtable
Year: 2011
Tools used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TextWrangler

This one’s just finished. This is a landing page I made for Brandtable, a startup company founded by my friend Steve D. I  won’t describe much about the company itself, but in short, they’re aiming to build mobile app for NFC.

Steve approached me with this project. The premise is simple, he wanted to build a landing page where he could gather data for potential users that interest in Brandtable. So, this one page would simply be a page that showed what a Brandtable is, as well as a form where interested party could fill the form for future notification. Another feature he required is a lightbox-effect that would appear after a user fill his/her email address to show a confirmation. He also wanted to create a randomly changing page color theme every time it’s being reloaded/refreshed to make the website playful by itself.

I build this website purely using TextWrangler, employing latest techniques available in CSS3 and HTML5 as well as some simple JavaScript. The CSS3 was used to style the buttons and boxes, giving some round edges and gradients. It’s also used to draw those tiny squares at the bottom border of the box (yes, it’s purely CSS3, no Photoshop, sorry to disappoint). While I used some HTML5 features for the form for checking the data type and validation. The JavaScript was used to make that lightbox effect and the randomly changing page color theme.

The result can be seen in the following album:

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Brandtable Website

Screenshot of the website I created for Brandtable.


  1. Dear Didit,

    Thank you very much for the amazing splash page. If anyone is looking for a reliable programmer, Didit is the one to go to!



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