Interactive Displays for Nike

Client: Nike
Year: 2012
Location: Nike Store, Senayan City Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tools: Arduino and Processing (Interactive Product Display). custom software and TouchDesigner (Interactive Wall Video Display)
Hardware: Arduino and proximity sensor (Interactive Product Display) 2 Kinects (Interactive Wall Video Display)
OS: Windows 7

Here are two new installations I did for Nike to promote their 4 new football shoes in coinciding with the Euro 2012 football tournament . One is an interactive product display and the other one is an interactive wall video display. Generally speaking, both trigger videos in its own way. Both are deployed in Nike Store in Senayan city Mall in Jakarta.

For the interactive product display, customer can pick up a shoe from its display box and it will trigger an informational video regarding that product. This happens for all 4 shoes. Each shoes are placed on top of a computer (an integrated monitor + CPU Lenovo model). A proximity sensor connected to an Arduino is used to detect the shoe’s position to determine whether it’s lifted or not. Upon lifting, a video will be triggered. This is programmed using the new Processing 2.0a6 in order to achieve a smooth 720p video playback using its built in GStreamer video back end.






The interactive wall video display triggers video based on an audience position in front of the store’s window display. Again, 4 shoes are placed in front of the 3m x 1m video display so if somebody is standing in front of a shoe, a corresponding video is triggered and will be played in the display. 2 Kinects are used to detect people over a quite wide space. A custom software is used to stitch images from both Kinects and do blob tracking which sends the blob’s position to TouchDesigner to trigger different videos. TouchDesigner was chosen because its amazing capability to playback hi-res video without burdening the computer’s CPU because it’s working on the GPU.

It’s still on display until the end of June, so if you’re in Jakarta, hop in for a ride and grab a Nike product while you’re at it.


      1. Wah… berminat banget Mas. Kl memang bs dibuat tutorialnya seneng banget, masalahnya memang ingin belajar arduino+processing, khususnya untuk interactive wall. Ditunggu kabarnya Mas… , jd ga sabaran 🙂


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