Augmented Reality Demo

Every now and then, I always get a question like this: “Hey, can you do an Augmented Reality stuff?” No matter what I feel about Augmented Reality (AR), it’s without a doubt one of the most underutilized-but famous interactive technology these days. So, in order to get my hands dirty on what today’s AR technology has to offer, I created two demos using different approach and tools.

The first demo is a marker-based AR made using Quartz Composer. In this video, I create a software that detects a marker and display a cube on top of it. To make it a bit more interesting, I set an audio analyzer so that the cube’s size is determined by the volume of a music coming in to my laptop. While still keeping the tracking system working, the cube will dance to the music. This is created to show that the animation for AR application don’t have to be static. I believe that an interactive animation will ad some depth to the AR app itself. Here’s the demo of it:

The second demo is a marker-less AR using Kinect. This time, I wanted to make an AR app without using a marker. I decided to use Kinect as an input, because it can accurately detect my body part without having to setup stuffs like a static background. In this app, a particle is created on top of my detected body part, sort of a wizard waving his hands to emit his magic power. A simple demo, but shows that a Kinect can be utilized to develop an AR system without relying on marker, thus resulting in a more natural way to interact. Let’s face it, nobody walks around carrying a marker 🙂 Here’s the demo:

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  1. Wah..wah… bs jadi guru saya mas Adit ini. Apa yg mau saya pelajari selama ini bs semua, AR, Arduino and Processing. Kapan ya Mas saya bs berguru sm Mas Adit…


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