Interactive Wall for Hero

Client: Hero
Year: 2012
Location: Hero Award Night at Sampoerna Strategic Square
Tools: custom software made in C++ and Adobe Flash Builder
Hardware: Kinect
OS: Snow Leopard

Interactive Wall made for Hero, a local retail chain. Upon walking in front of it, a picture will appear depicting the long history of the company. Different pictures appear as somebody walks along the wall display.

This work utilises 2 Kinects, as I have the job to detect person along 6m screen in quite a narrow space, probably 2m between the screen and the opposite wall. So with that, I have no other choice but to use 2 Kinects and placed them high enough and separate them so they’d cover as much space as possible.

I only have a short time to complete this project, luckily the client is kind enough to pair me with Erin, another developer who appeared already created the content for the display. So, my job is clear, to get input from Kinects and feed the input from them to the created content. Erin used Adobe Flash Builder and so I have the option to create a program which will detect people and send the detected person’s position using TUIO, which I know already has a ready-made library for Flash.

The result is as you can see from the above video.

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