Client: Abdul Dermawan Habir & Co.
Year: 2013
Location: A Study of Light Exhibition. Exhibited in Dia.lo.gue Artspace, Kemang, Jakarta
Tools: custom software made in C++ (openFrameworks and ofxTimeline addon)
Hardware: Arduino, Arduino Expansion Shield, Relay Module, Transistor, LED lamps
OS: Snow Leopard

1903 is a light installation that combines elements of audio, sculpture, light and fashion into a single installation. The creator, Abdul Dermawan Habir contacted me several months ago through this very website. He was looking form somebody who can program synchronized lamps and sound. Of course, I was up for it.

The installation tells a murder story through series of voice overs and mannequins. Its technical scenario is quite simple, every time a voice overs played, some lamps will be turned on to highlight a certain mannequin which represents the talking character. In additon, one lamp will be dimmed depending on the storyline to add more dramatic effect. This installation is setup on a close room. To see it, audience have to peep through a small hole, press a door bell and listen using a headphone.

As you may expect, this installation uses Arduino and relay modules to turn on the total of 9 220V lamps plus an NPN transistor and a resistor to dim a 5V LED lamp. To control the Arduino, I used openFrameworks and its Firmata library, plus the very helpful ofxTimeline addon which provides the GUI. With this, I can easily dictate which Arduino pin should be turned on according to the dialogue. Mind you that this isn’t audio reactive so I have to be very precise where to put the pin on/off command.

There are more detailed story on why I go with this solution, but I’ll leave it for later post. Meanwhile, you can see pictures from the installation below, including behind the scene (literally) images. It was exhibited in Dia.lo.gue artspace in Kemang, Jakarta, from 12-23 January 2013.

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