Integrating iPad to My Workflow

Couple of months ago I decided to splash my cash and bought and iPad 2. Of course, after much reading about how i can benefit from buying such gadget. And after approximately 3 months of using it, I can happily say that this has been one of my best purchase in recent years. So, in this blog post, instead of saying positives about iPad, I will rather focusing on how I integrate it into my workflow, both for office works and for occasional entertainment.

Responsive design is all the rage these days. Though, I have mixed feeling about it, which I will cover in future writing, I can’t escape the fact that people will eventually access website in various devices. The iPad is one of them. Therefore, one major advantage of having it is I can test how the website that I’m working on looks on it. Not only that, responsive design should also imply how people interact with the website, thus, it’s vital for me to check the interaction as well, how people would press the link, how they would explore the site and so on. Yes, iPad helps in this department.

Not only for testing purpose, by using Textastic, I can have access to my FTP server and edit codes on that server as well. This is way more comfortable compared to having to carry my laptop everywhere. I even code one of my work from scratch on this very iPad. Of course, I still have to do the finishing touch on my laptop, but hey, this means I can do productive things on it. Plus, this article is also written on WordPress app. Good.

While on the design side of things, I also installed iMockup, Paper and Grafio Lite, so I can plan a website, sketch a design, make the wireframe and export it to my laptop for further development. Spunds traditional? Well, the best thing from this is I can do it as if I’m drawing on a paper. I don’t have a Wacom tablets, so for me, this has been the most analog way of designing in a digital space. By doing this, I can express myself even better. Can’t describe how much this has acceleratd my working speed.

Speaking about coding, I also bought some creative coding apps such as Codea and Scriptkit. Those apps allowed me to do rapid prototyping of interactive works/visual. Scriptkit aims more into general usage app, while Codea can be viewed as Processing alternative for iPad and I’m happy to have both.

So yeah, web design and development, creative coding, this gadget is way more productive than I thought.

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. Part of the reason of why I bought this is because the variety of music production apps on it. I looked at a lot of top musical apps lists and up til now I often have to stop buying these apps or I’ll ended up moving my Gear Acquisition Syndrome on a different medium, haha. But, for now, I’m settled with having Korg Electribe and Novation Launchapd for making beats. I also have the Animoog, Novation Launchkey for playing with synths, and Propellerhead Figure for quick beat sketching. These are more than enough for now, as I can make music on the go or while waiting for my wife on different occasions.

Just to wrap this off, I also want to mention that surprisingly, the only social media app installed on my iPad are Twitter (no surprise) and Hojoki, which enables me to checkout my office’s Trello board and Bitbucket repository. It has been very helpful in making me monitor how the office is going. I also downloaded Goodnotes to view and write on PDF, perfect for client meeting and quotation reviewing. Yes, obviously I also have Google Drive and Dropbox for cloud sync and Attachments to help me export my email’s attachmentes to both of those cloud storages. Also, Haiku is very good for making striking presentations. I used it to make a presentation for a meeting recently and I could make a different style of presentations, different from what I usually achieve using PowerPoint or Keynote.

OK, bonus. Here you go. Football Manager Handheld 2013, Dead Space, Score!, Temple Run 2 and Reversi.

So yeah, there you have it. I can happily say that this has been a productive gadget to have. It won’t replace my laptop/computer. Bt the fact that I can carry lighter weight while doing my work on it is very delightful.

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