Client: Personal Project
Year: 2014
Exhibited at: Typotopia Exhibition – Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta (2014)
Tools: Processing, Arduino
OS: Mac OS X

“Peradaban” (english: “Civilization”) is an interactive typography installation that I made for Typotopia, which as the name suggests, an art exhibition focusing on the theme typography across various media, not just graphic design. This exhibition, which was held as part of Indonesia – Korea Festival, ran from 8th to 31st October 2014. The exhibition features artwork from Indonesia and Korean artists. Which names that was quite familiar with, so it was an honour to share space with them.

In “Peradaban”, I visualizes the word “Peradaban” from a set of particles. Visitors could interact with the word by pouring water into the container in front of the screen. The word then reacted to that action by moving algorithmically, so that in the end the letters and word would become a different shape altogether. Since the movement was programmed to be quite random, not one action would result in the same shape.

This artwork represents how I view civilization as a combination of human actions and its consequences as well as the biological condition of the surroundings’ nature. That’s why, say, Indonesia have a different civilization as Russia’s. Partly because of the different climate, among others. That’s the point that people tend to forget. We become so selfish that we believe that our own bare hands can change the course of history, and not caring much about the nature anymore. I hope this installation can make the viewer re-thinks the position of nature and other biological entity.

I programmed the artwork in Processing, as usual, using several libraries to grab points from the font and animate them. I used the serial library to interface with Arduino. On the hardware side, I used a water flow sensor and read the change in the current that flows through the sensor, and sent that value to Processing to change the parameter of the particles’ movement. Pretty simple and I could accomplish it in matter of days.

Here are pretty pictures from the exhibition. Happy sight seeing 🙂

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