Working with Mixed Reality, Mixing AR and VR

Mixed Reality is a term for technology that mixes the daily, physical reality, with something virtual. Lately, this term has been implemented in the form of Augmented Reality (AR), which augments something on top of a certain object, that can be seen using external display, thus making it an augmented one. On the other hand, over the past 2 years, development of VR has been accelerating swiftly, mainly because of the rise of Oculus Rift, a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) that enables its user to experience a Virtual Reality (VR) World.

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Client: Personal Project
Year: 2014
Location: web, access it at using Chrome or Firefox
Tools: headtrackr.js
OS: multi-platform

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 5.07.48 PM

As part of my contribution towards promoting vote during general election, I create this piece called “cARpres”. The name is a play of the words “capres” (contender for the presidency) and AR (Augmented Reality).

In this piece, you can swap your face with faces of several capres to choose from (more to come, I promise). Plus, you can also read tweets regarding the chosen capres, so you can see how the general perception towards that figure. Looking at this, imagine you are the capres that you choose and you can see how people perceive you.

Technically speaking, this piece teaches me to implement AR in browser by means of the HTML5 Canvas, headtrackr.js library and WebRTC. I’ve been wanting to play with this technology for some years now and luckily, WebRTC has been growing in a very good way that it’s now possible to be implemented for various purposes. Playing with it was quite intuitive for somebody who usually develops in Processing or openFrameworks. This has served me well as an introduction for me to start playing with it more in the future. I made it open source too, so people can develop it further.

Again, I hope that this piece can serve a lighter feeling towards general election. I see this as my own version of countering the heated situation in the internet where everybody (for better or for worse) start defending his/her own choice which sometime can lead to bitter argument. All available to read in Facebook or Twitter. I do think that we all should keep our heads cool and properly vote for the next Indonesia president.

Welcome to the democracy party, where we, the people, have the power to choose who will lead us in the next 5 years. Please vote. Don’t waste this opportunity.