I Want More Features

One of the common problems I found when dealing with people who wants to make something, whether it’s app/website/others is that one sentence put on as the title of this post: “I Want More Features”. Said loud and proud, as if having more features equals to having a better product. Maybe it’s the direct artefact of living in an age where quantity matters? I don’t know.

In the age where everybody seems to make new app every now and then, it would be extremely hard for your digital product to shine and turn few heads to your direction. That is, unless, you design in with specific feature in mind, something that you believe would be meaningful to your product’s user. That’s why we keep on hearing the term UX design, or user-centric design, because that could be the key for your product to strive in the market. Basically you’ll want to answer 2 key questions: “What’s one central issue that you’re trying to address?” “And how can your product central feature answer it?”

And let me be honest, that’s probably the easiest part of the picture.

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