Let's Restart

Good, another blog. I know. My last blog was pretty much dead when I accidentally forgot to pay my hosting service. Bad, very very bad. The worst part was I didn't even know that my service was over after 2 months, just because I disregard the notification emails. I know that I'm in the bad side of being busy when vital things like that just went unnotice.

So now, I'm starting new, with something that excites me. What you're looking at, is a markdown-based blog, built using Gatsby, a static website generator based on React. I've used this library when I completed development of a client website and I thought, well, this is very good. And yes, it's very useful for me to learn React (and JS, obviously) further.

Also, the hosting is done using Netlify, and utilizes it's CI/CD pipeline, so I can just simply push new contents to this blog's GitHub repo and voila, a new page is available for you, reader to read.

The combination of static site generator + globally available CDN is something that I'm really fond and it's something that piqued my interest in 2018. Moreover, I hope that this blog can be constantly updated as a way for me to take notes on important learnings.

Enjoy the blog!

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